• Coaching, x-factor, consultant. What's you company's X-Factor?

    Prices vary
  • SoMe, Social Media Manager, taking care of business while you sleep.

    Prices vary
  • SoMe, Social Media Styling - Visual is a winner

    Prices vary
  • Social Media Video Conference - How to adapt to the Covid19-Era?

    Thursday, Friday

    750 Norwegian kroner
  • Let MIA take care of the socials - while you take care of business!

    5,000 Norwegian kroner
  • SoMe InHouse Marketing - The E-Team

    Prices vary
  • Tailor made to impress. Designing events, DJ and MUA.

    Prices vary
  • The difference between being THE ONE, or just another one...

    Prices vary
  • Superfresh webside med to prisalternativer.

    25,000 Norwegian kroner


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